Saturday, October 25, 2008


Gameday is in the 'bus and there's a huge case of Scarlet!!

OK...that was a bit cheesy, but Kirk is back where he belongs....where everyone loves him.  College Gameday is in Columbus for the PSU-OSU showdown....which will actually become a smackdown when the Bucks expose the fact that PSU has not yet beaten a quality opponent.....only one team in the top 30.

That's my prediction for the on to the rest...

Alabama vs. Tennessee.......sing along with me..."Rocky Top, you'll always be......."
Notre Dame vs. Washington
Georgia vs LSU
Oklahoma State vs. Texas....If OSU can stay close in the second half, they pull the upset
Michigan vs. Michigan State....MSU is still the "little brother"
USC vs. Arizona

And, not to piss off my Auburn friends, but did you see the "mighty SEC" get schooled by the pitiful Big East on Thursday night???  

Enjoy your football Saturday, everyone!

Go Bucks!

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