Friday, October 10, 2008

Chillin at Carnegie Abbey

After a fabulous day of cliff walking and lunching, it was back to the house to chill at Carnegie Abbey before Pop's big night at the club (more about that later).  The 'rents went for a little golf cart ride to check out the course and Mr. B and I headed down to the beach with some lounge chairs and a cooler!!  The northern Atlantic coastline reminds me a lot of the California coast....not as hilly as CA, but just as rocky.

Anyhoo, we enjoyed some Sam Adams and some ocean breezes and just chilled.

He was seeing if he could skip stones like back in the day.....doesn't work as well in the ocean!!

So, tonight while I'm busy making my Barefoot Blogger's Butternut Squash Risotto (a day late), Pop is heading up to the clubhouse at Carnegie Abbey to hobnob with the rich and famous!  Mike Schmidt and George Brett (former pro baseball players for those of you non-baseball types) are going to be hanging out up there watching the Boston/Tampa Bay playoff game with the club members.  How cool is that?  I've given Pop a "My Next Life" press pass and made him a temporary employee for the night.  He's supposed to take some pictures of the big shots to post on the blog.  We'll see if he earns a permanent position!

I'm actually a little worried about his safety.  Since moving to Florida, he's become a Tampa Bay fan.....and we're in Red Sox country.  Could get dicey....he's not exactly a quiet fan!!

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