Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I think I've mentioned before that I like wine....and I like to collect wine (most of all I like to drink wine!!).   A couple of years ago we converted a small room in the basement into a wine cellar.  At the time we had maybe about 500 bottles and the room held 2000 bottles, so we never thought in a million years that we would outgrow it. took about three!!  I'll throw myself under the bus right now and say that 95% of this bottle accumulation was my fault.....5% of the blame goes to Mr. B (remember the bordeaux, EB??).

So...this is what the cellar looks like now.  Embarrassing, huh??  And it's even spilling over into my Pilates room.  Time to get control of this.

This is going to take some time....and some work, I might add.  I'll keep you posted.

Why do I procrastinate like this??????


I Tivo Oprah so that I can pick and choose the episodes that I watch.  I delete the ones about the child molesters, any new-age spiritual advice, and Barak Obama.  I tend to watch the ones dealing with her book club (that aren't the subject of the above mentioned items), some of the celebrities, and Dr. Oz.

I watched two episodes today...the one with Dr. Oz that included the 140 lb tumor that was removed from that women's stomach (mine's only 10 lbs as of right now) and the one with Tatum O'Neal.  I'm sure that you read she got arrested again this summer for trying to buy drugs on the streets of NYC.    She looked so haunted during that interview...there were times when the "actress" would kick in and she'd give this big fake smile....but most of the interview, I just thought she looked so sad.  I won't be surprised if she's one of the Hollywood stories of dying waaaaayyy too young.


What's intriguing about college football this weekend????  I would have to say that the most interesting match-up will be Auburn/LSU in Jordan Hare.  LSU is not really battle tested....cupcake opponents and hurricane Gustav issues leave questions as to whether they're ready for the Tigers.  But the Tigers have issues of their own...beating Miss. St. 3-2?????  Not exactly a "statement" is Brad Lester going to be ready to go?  Before the Miss St fiasco, I would have taken Auburn, just because they're so tough to beat at home, but this one is too close for me to call at this point.

The Alabama/Arkansas match-up should be a good one.  Alabama needs to be a little more impressive against a worthy opponent for me start picking them.

OSU SHOULD pull out a win against Troy, but as I said before....this is gut check time.  I'm more intersted in all of Tressel's comments about Pryor this week than anything else.  I was sure that he would stick with the Sr. Boeckman, so I'm waiting for him to put his money where his mouth is at this point.  My jury is still out on the Buckeye's

Notre Dame travels to Michigan State....we'll see which is the "real" ND...the one that showed up in the first half against SDSU or the one that showed up against UM.

Since USC only plays EVERY OTHER WEEK...they again get a BYE.  How's that work??


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  1. Yes the wine cellar is a mess. Needs organizing bad and you know who can help with that!