Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Midweek Misc.

Mwahahaha.......Beanie's BACK!!

And so is my Buckeye love!!  Now we run the table.

I'm positively giddy about Pryor and Beanie in the Buckeye's backfield!!!


I've never been a fan of Dancing With The Stars.....the show makes me uncomfortable.....some people just shouldn't dance in public.  I know.  I'm one of them.   I tried to watch again last year when Monica Seles was on, but it just confirmed my feelings....she was B. A. D.

So, I tried again the last couple of nights to watch and I found myself glued in some instances and grabbing the remote in others.  Cloris Leachman had me a train wreck.  Woman is like 85 years old and doesn't exactly look like that Edyta chick in the costume, but I'll give her props for being out there.  She certainly was entertaining with the judges.

The only one I got to see last night was Kim Kardashian.  And girl, c'mon....all you do for the paparazzi is strut your booty around....I at least thought you'd be able to shake it a LITTLE.  For heaven's sake.

So, I'm not sure I'll be tuning in for the whole season.....maybe if Cloris makes it to the finals.


Hey, did you hear that Clay "Gay"ken is coming out of the closet this week in People Magazine.....REALLY?


Carly and I went to see "The Women" yesterday afternoon.  I'll give the movie a C+ but what was most disappointing is how much "work" Meg Ryan has had done.  She looks almost as creepy as Priscilla Pressley.  I used to love Meg.


I'm enjoying all of the Fall premiers on TV this week.  My favorite new show so far is "Worst Week".  I was laughing out loud......all by myself.

Can't wait for Grey's tomorrow night.


Favorite iTunes download this week was "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" by James Morrison.  I keep playing it over and over and over and....


Tonight is Barefoot Bloggers recipe night.  Cream of Mushroom soup and Donna's gonna be my taster.  I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.

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