Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TWD-BWJ.....Chocolate Truffle Tart

The TWD baking group is only on their third recipe of the Baking With Julia project and I'm already breaking the rules.  Those that know me well are not surprised by this, I'm sure.  Since I had so much shit going on the past several weeks I knew I'd never get two recipes made, so I opted for the one I new hubs would eat and also one that I could pawn off on friends and my trainer.  And they all like chocolate, so.....decision made.

I had also made Rugelach with the group when we baked through Baking:  From My Home to Yours so been there, done that.  It was a great decision.  Just look at that tart.  It was creamy with surprising bites of chocolate chips and crunchy amaretto cookie chunks.  A perfect chocolate dessert.

Check out these host sites for the recipe:

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