Thursday, October 29, 2009

TWD - Cherry Fudge Brownie Torte

My photography teacher would have a cow about that crumb I failed to remove from the plate

Finally, right? So I made this on Tuesday, but like I mentioned, I failed to pre-read the directions about this sitting in the fridge for four hours, so we didn't get to have any of this until yesterday.

Well, yesterday turned out to be busy.....workout, then nails, then my faker dog had to visit the vet to waste $40 (another story for another time), then Jenny wanted me to go shopping with her, then she demanded we stop for a beer (or seven....JK).....all very important things. Needless to say, Mr. B finally got a piece of this last night about 7pm!

Completely worth the wait. I opted to leave out the Cherry portion of this recipe. I just don't like fruit in my chocolate and I don't really see how this could have been any better....cherries or no cherries. The brownie portion was more the density of a flourless cake and the creamy mousse on top was a perfect way to tone down the intensity of the chocolate.

Thanks to April of Short and Rose for a great pick. As always, visit her site for the recipe.

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  1. Your brownie torte looks really chocolate-y delicious! =) How cool to have a photography teacher - I can certainly use one!