Monday, January 5, 2009

Halftime observations...

not that anyone is reading, but....

* I think Beanie is injured....he came up lame after a long run...we'll see

* Love my defense NOW....that interception at the end of the half was saweeeet

* Loved seeing Tyson Gentry at the coin toss...great touch...if you don't know the story...Google it.

* Hey, I love Todd Boekman, but....sorry, you get No More Plays...

* Can I just say that I HATE the "hook em horns" little hand gesture 

* TP is effin S.M.O.O.T.H

* We need to do more of what we did in the first half..ALOT

P.S.   I would N.E.V.E.R. be a member of the Texas band...they all look like Howdy Doody...just sayin


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