Saturday, September 27, 2008


Before we get to football, how about a little update on the dreaded wine cellar?  First of all, it used to be my favorite room in the house (only because it houses one of my favorite things!), but for the past week, it's been a pain in the a$$....or actually, the lower back would be more accurate.

Here's what my basement looked like earlier today.

Definitely a case of things getting worse before they get better, huh!!

I've personally counted and moved and lifted 2,453 bottles of wine....and only drank three.  Not an admirable ratio.  I currently have everything inventoried and on-line at (which is a fabulous wesbsite for keeping track of your wine collection....all you do is input the name of the wine, and it gives you all kinds of great information, such as personal and professional reviews, drinking timetable, average retail price, etc).  I almost have everything put back in some sort of logical order, so that Mr. B can go down there and actually find what he's looking for! 

I'll post some more pics when everying is back to normal!


Now for the important stuff.....FOOTBALL.  

The Buckeyes won their Big Ten opener today against Minnesota and I thought they looked pretty good.  The "O" line played better, but with Beanie and Pryor both in the backfield, they should look better.  Next week will be a tough one at Wisconsin at night.

I am doing my happy dance around the room right now....Clemson lost (which just further proves my theory that Alabama has not played anyone yet.....but they will tonight) and Ole Miss just toasted Urban Crier's Florida Gators.....take that "Gator Chomp" and choke on it!  Can you tell I dislike Florida?  Now, if only Miss. St. could do the same thing tonight to LSU.....ok....not likely!!  Sorry, Luke.

Should be some good afternoon games....Wisconsin-Michigan and Auburn-Tennessee (I see a potential for an upset there.....Fat Phillip Fulmer needs a win...BAD).

We're going to celebrate Donna's birthday week at Bottega tonight so I'll probably only get to see the second half of the Alabama-Georgia showdown, but that's ok.....I'm more interested in the Illinois-Penn State game...go Juice Williams!!

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